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Why should women use satin lined hair bonnets?

On average, hair grows at half an inch a month, or 6 inches a year. This rate can be affected by genetics, health, hormones, or hair damage.


1/ No more dryness and breakage, less friction, more moisture

Wearing a satin hair bonnet will help protect your hair while you are asleep: the satin lining keeps the hair moisturized and prevent hair damage. It is known that everyone experiences hair moisture issues, whether carrying natural hair or not.


2/Keeping hair style in good shape

Satin hair bonnet is an excellent accessory to keep one’s hair style neat for a longer time. Spend less time styling your hair in the morning!


3/ Keeping bed linen sheets clean

Most of the time bedtime is our favorite time get our hair routine: hair oil, lotion, butter, …. With your satin hair bonnet, you are sure you will not ruin your linen sheets. They will stay clean and last longer!


4/ First thing in the morning:  a fresh facial skin

With a satin hair bonnet, no oil and dirt over the pillow means a cleaner face and a happier you!


5/ Stay glamorous everywhere, at anytime

With a stylish Ankara double-sided hair bonnet (satin lined), you are always set for a glamorous night, fun at the beach or a sleep in. You will look amazing every time with one of our Ankara bonnet hair bonnets!

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